My introduction to photography happened as a student at the University of Pretoria where I joined the campus newspaper “Die Perdeby” (roughly translated from Afrikaans as The Wasp) as a freelance photographer. Those were still the film days and we had to developed our own black and white photos prior to publication. In hindsight, having the ability to compare with digital photography today, one did have a greater feeling of accomplishment when you lifted your developed photograph from the stop/fixing bath just to see it came out perfect. Then again, one cannot forget the earth shattering feeling if it came out a total mess just a couple of hours before publication!

After a decade or so of not doing any photography, I started again in 2006/7 with more modern digital camera bodies and professional lenses (Canon). I found sport, action and wildlife photography much more exciting and a good change of focus away from the normal full time responsibilities of my day job. It gave me the opportunity to visit places like the Okavango Delta in Botswana and Sabi Sabi Game Reserve (flanking the Kruger National Park) for some amazing bird and wildlife photography; but also places like the famous Newlands Rugby Stadium (the second-oldest rugby stadium in the world dating back to 1890) for SuperXV rugby action.

The name a2iPhoto is an acronym for “action to image photography“, illustrating the transfer of action into pixels and pictures.

I am by no means a professional photographer and view myself as a serious amateur – and still learning every day. More recently I changed equipment to Nikon and really enjoying the new experience. Feel free to reach out to me at any time by sending a message through the Contact page.


I am a Nikon Fan


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